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What is Tax Freedom Day?

April 22, 2016 Q: What is Tax Freedom Day? A: As tax filing season winds down for the year, taxpayers can look forward to reaching another milestone on April 24. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Tape

April 15, 2016 Not far into the distant past, a certain product was used for everything. It performed many wonders and progressed society. Unfortunately, technology caused it to become obsolete. This is tape. more »»

Slices of Life - Monday melancholy

April 15, 2016 Oh, the dreaded Monday. We all experience and endure it; although depending on your specific schedule, your Monday might fall on a Thursday. more »»

Preventing Drug Overdose Deaths

April 15, 2016 Prescription overdoses kill more Americans each year than all other drugs combined. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 44 people die from a prescription painkiller overdose every day. more »»

Q&A on the Senate Judiciary Committee

April 15, 2016 Q: What issues are handled by the Senate Judiciary Committee? A: The Senate Judiciary Committee is one of the original standing committees of the United States Senate. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Reality Shows

April 8, 2016 Reality shows are the worst. From the Bachelor to Survivor to Naked and Afraid, these shows waste a lot of time. more »»

Slices of Life - Polyester Wars

April 8, 2016 Laundry’s never been my thing, even though I’ve had more than my fair share of experience with the spin cycle. more »»

Providing a Final Resting Place for All Veterans

April 8, 2016 A change in Iowa law will give all veterans the respect and final resting place they deserve. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Horses

April 1, 2016 Trucks, cars, trains, and airplanes; all forms of transportation. They run on the roads, but going off road harms them. They take humans to places faster than humans have gone before. more »»

Slices of Life - What color is your cat?

April 1, 2016 I never planned to be the mom of a black cat. I might have chosen a different color, had there been a choic. more »»

Spring Brings Flowers, Tax Scammers

April 1, 2016 Tax season is upon us once again. Across the country, millions of Americans are taking time out of their busy schedules to file their tax returns. more »»

New Initiatives to Protect Crime Victims

April 1, 2016 Several bipartisan bills moving through the Senate this session will make Iowa communities safer and ensure justice for crime victims. more »»

Slices of Life - It's all about the face

March 25, 2016 The young woman was our server at a restaurant one evening. Even though she was a stranger I’d never met or seen before, I had an eerie feeling as though I had. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Trucks

March 25, 2016 I have discussed relevant cars in the past, but cars are small, weak, and too gas efficient. Put them up against any era of truck, and the truck will destroy all of the car’s hopes and dream. more »»

Spurring Community & Economic Growth

March 25, 2016 A bipartisan agreement will help Iowans filing taxes this year. The decision will “couple” Iowa’s tax code with recent federal tax changes for 2015. more »»

Letter to the Editor: National Ag Week

March 18, 2016 To the Editor: National Agriculture Week is March 13-19, and time to celebrate agriculture and give thanks to farmers. more »»

The Dengler Domain: College Basketball Players

March 18, 2016 Rim shattering dunks, falling three pointers, and upsets are plenty. March Madness is upon us, and it is amazing. This is my favorite time of year. more »»

Slices of Life - The big pack

March 11, 2016 Everyone looks forward to vacation. more »»

The Dengler Domain: Technology

March 11, 2016 In all parts of society, technology is at the forefront. Improving the quality of life with every new invention. more »»

To understand Iowa’s US Senator Chuck Grassley, follow the money

March 11, 2016 My name is Tom Fiegen. I am running in the Democratic primary in Iowa to retire Chuck Grassley. I have spent my career representing working people. I am not taking super-PAC money. more »»



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