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July 14, 2010
Dysart Reporter

Dear Editor,

I drive Hwy 21 every so often and this time was a head shaker. North of Hwy 8 all the evergreens were destroyed. Wondering why a person could do such a thing like this. They had no disease and it sure could not have been for profit for wha he or she had to pay to have this done. they were planted there for some reason, now they are gone. This person probably has a nice roof over his or her head. Well you took hundreds of roofs away from the wildlife that they called home. Now they don't have a place to roost - nest - or any protection from preditors. Well since they cannot speak for themselves I thought I would speak for them and for myself. PS I am not an animal rights activist or anything like that. I'm just a 49 yr old average Joe that buys a hunting and fishing license that does care!

Randal L Beard Hudson, Ia



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