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September 29, 2010
Dysart Reporter

Dear Editor:

Fall is the time of Harvest. Colors of the landscape rapidly change from shades of green to various shades of red, yellow and brown. Stewards of the land that have invested in Iowa's natural resources can now see the value of their productive efforts.

Let's make it a point to start every day with the thought that we're going to make it a safe day. It's easy to get in a rush to bring in the crop once it's ready. The chance of approaching bad weather, breakdowns in the field, and long days can raise the odds of a potential accident.

Pace yourself. Take a break from operating machinery when it's time to eat. You know when it's time to slow down and get some rest so you can start again refreshed and alert. Be careful around the moving parts of machinery. If there's a problem, make sure it's completely shut down before close inspection. All it takes is putting a hand too close or slipping and falling into parts that are turning at a high speed for serious injury to occur.

Make sure your machinery is highly visible when traveling down the highway. Replace faded SMV signs and check your lights. Remember: "Lock It and Block It or Don't Get Under It." Be defensive in moving the crop to storage as you share the road with other traveler's. A good harvest is a safe harvest.


Julia Babinat



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