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Tama County Supervisors

September 27, 2011
Dysart Reporter

By Joyce Wiese

At the Tama County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday morning, County Engineer Lyle Brehm asked supervisors to set a Public Hearing for a road vacation.

Supervisors set Monday, October 10, 2011 at 9:30 am for a public hearing to vacate and close a section of secondary road, more specifically a portion of 220th Street between E Avenue and F Avenue. A portion of this street from about 900 feet east of the NW corner of Section 2 to about to about 33 feet west of the NE corner of Section 2 was vacated and closed in 2008.

Brehm is now asking for a hearing to vacate and close the western 900 feet of the road that has become unused and unecesary for access. Interest has been expressed by a landowner to vacate all or a portion of the road.

Other information from the Engineers weekly report shows the road department continues to haul rock and blade roads, getting ready for winter.

Brehm stated he had recently solicited separate quotes for a new tandem axle dump truck chasis and the box, plows and hydraulics to accompany it. Brehm intends to move forward with the purchase of an International chassis from Hawkeye truck at a price of $119,206.32. Brehm says he also intends to move forward with the purchase of the box, plows and hydralics from Henderson Truck Equipment at a price of $75,144.

The Bridge Crew is on C Avenue north of 290th Street., They are replacing the timber bridge piles. They will then move on to a bridge on 285th Street west of N Avenue (west of Duane Freese). It also needs to have piles replaced.

It is expected the road department will start the shouldering work on Highway E-43 today. The contractor, Manatt's, has completed placement of all asphalt. There is usually a delay in shouldering after the asphalt work has been completed as the asphalt tends to be more prone to damage for the first few weeks after being done. When shouldering is completed lines will be painted on the road.

Work continues on the Iowa River Bridge on C Avenue, north of U.S. Highway 30 in Indian Village Township. The contractor says it is their intention to place the deck within the next two weeks.

Simplified Benefits Solutions from Ames was present to discuss insurance with the County. However, supervisors advised they did not approve of giving the time for insurance seminars for employees, other than what their own plan is. Therefore, it would be up to the company to contact each employee individually on their own time. Claims for the past week came to $204,928.56.



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