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Clutier Mayor runs town with iron fist

April 12, 2012
Dysart Reporter

Ardeen Cross, mayor of Clutier runs her little domain with a iron fist. I went to the city council meeting to find out how the firestation was coming and when the firemen would get the gear they needed. When this was brought up by the council a rather touchy discussion ensued, then the mayor announced they were moving on-a nice way of saying you don't agree with me I am changing the subject!

When councilmman Baseman brought up the fact that people in the townships were wondering when it would be done-Mayor Cross said something to the effect of "who cares" I later asked her exactly what she said but did not get a real answer.

The firemen have gotten numerous donations from private citizens, other fire departments and others. When asked if this money was going to be used to replace needed equipment for the firemen I was told that "with their permission" this money had been diverted to the "new addition". The new addition being the enlarged city hall. A part time clerk and a part time mayor work out of city hall-but it needed to be bigger? These men are volunteers-they do not get paid-they protect the people of Clutier and the rural areas of Oneida and Carrol township. They deserve to have current equipment that does not put their lives at risk.

As near as I could figure out the stove, refrigerator and microwave have to be bought first. The only ones allowed to price the new equipment are the mayor and the city clerk-per Mayor Cross. Kudos to councilmen Pearson and Baseman who asked questions and demanded time lines-with the city council pushing the firemen may have a home within a year of the July storm. The bunker gear the firemen need costs in the vicinity of $2000.00 a set-in the future anyone wanting to donate to the firemen might contact them to put the money directly to gear and out of the city hands.

Marcia Kupka



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