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The Dengler Domain: Shoes

February 19, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

As humans, we walk and stand all day long. It is exhausting for the body to stand up all the time but having a good pair of shoes helps. The comfortability and support shoes offer are amazing. Shoes go a long way in helping people live a better life with the correct ones. Shoes have changed a lot over the years with different kinds being trendy and others fading into oblivion. These brings me to the point of finding out if saddle shoes, the Air Jordan 1s, or the Kalso Earth Shoes could make a comeback in today's society.

Saddle shoes have a distinct look. The look is reminiscent of simpler times. These leather shoes provide warmth to an already sweating foot. Saddle shoes tore up the dance floor on weekends. The black saddle going over the white part of the shoe provides a confident look. These shoes look comfortable for either sex to wear. The person wearing these shoes would stand out in a crowd, and they are in stark contrast to today's shoes. Saddle shoes are classier and ritzier than today's sneakers.

The Air Jordan 1s are beautiful. They were Michael Jordan's first pair, and their look provides proof why Air Jordan shoes are still released every year. The slim and concise look with the Nike Swoosh stretching around the back is memorable. The three toned colors provide beauty to the eye, and the structure of the shoe is also very appealing. Wearing Air Jordan's means a person is ready to ball and looking good while walking the streets. These shoes could be re-released in today's environment and blend in perfectly. These shoes aged nicely, and the retro look engages older individuals while the youngsters crave the beauty.

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Saddle Shoes

Kalso Earth Shoes are last, and these shoes look beautiful. They have a well-defined look, and they were discontinued towards the end of the '70s. This does not bode well for the popularity of these shoes. Made of leather, these shoes provide comfort for the weary world traveler. The soles of these shoes were thick and the heels were thin. These shoes were different than other shoes so they provided the public a completely different option.

In today's shoe-centric society, it is tough to find a market for new shoes. Having these older shoes come back into the market may spark interest and provide financial success. My recommendation are the Air Jordan 1s. These shoes are glorious looking, and they have not missed a beat in modern times. They could be made today, and no one would realize they were made in the mid '80's. The crispness, elegance, and the swoosh provide the shoes with a better case than both other shoes. I need to get a pair of these shoes, but they would cost me an arm and a leg. That defeats the purpose.

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