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The Dengler Domain: Technology

March 11, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

In all parts of society, technology is at the forefront. Improving the quality of life with every new invention. The only issue is as technology grows it eliminates the need for certain human activities. It would be nice if some technology never happened so life could be enjoyed to its fullest extent. There are parts of the past I would love to experience, but technology's improvements deem these parts unimportant.

The first is horses. While they exist, they are not used in a significant role. I would have loved to use a horse as a main mode of transportation. A horse is a beautiful animal, and its wits and bond with humans is majestic. Riding across the prairie or having the horse tend the field would have been useful. Tractors and vehicles are cool, but riding a horse feels like being part of nature. These beautiful animals would be fun to buck up and sprint after the nearest coyote to shoot. Horses are amazing.

The second improvement in technology which could disappear is the cell phone. It is a nuisance to society. People use cell phones to avoid awkward conversation with strangers, but this is a good thing. As a society, we should engage with what is happening in front of us. It is too easy to use a cell phone as a crutch to get out of conversation. No one likes the person always staring at their phone during a conversation. Minus the cell phone, the world would become a more sociable place. Going to a concert or sporting event and not have everyone's phone pointed at the stage would be nice. Without the constant interaction with social media, people would expand their view of the world. Humans lived for many years without cell phones, and society would be simpler.

The third part is the cathode ray tube television. This big clunker of a television was an amazing part of a living room. The picture was not great, but at least the television took up three feet of space. Hearing the loud buzzing when the picture goes out was beautiful. The big screen, high definition televisions in today's world pale in comparison to the cathode ray television. I love my pixelated picture. Mounting the cathode ray television on the whole is useless because it might bring the whole house down. I give up. I hate cathode ray tube televisions, and I never need to see them again. I love my high definition televisions.

Since the cathode ray tube television is eliminated by default, only horses and the disappearance of cell phones lasts to the very end. Each would be a good part of the past to experience, but only one hits my lies deep into my heart, horses. These beautiful animals make me happy. Riding a horse off into the sunset has always been a dream of mine, and they provide an important lesson. Go out and enjoy the outdoors.

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