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To understand Iowa’s US Senator Chuck Grassley, follow the money

March 11, 2016
Tom Fiegen - Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate , Dysart Reporter

My name is Tom Fiegen. I am running in the Democratic primary in Iowa to retire Chuck Grassley. I have spent my career representing working people. I am not taking super-PAC money. I am the son of sharecropper parents who worked hard to buy a farm of their own and then faced foreclosure during the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. If you think a United States Senator should do their job, and represent the people, not the billionaires and the oligarchs, help me retire Chuck Grassley. As Bernie Sanders says, enough is enough.

Senator Grassley has declared in writing his refusal to interview a replacement judge for the vacancy on the Supreme Court. What's much more interesting is what's behind Chuck Grassley's obstructionism. To know, we have to look behind the curtain to see who's pulling Chuck Grassley's strings.

It's the big money contributors.

We're talking about really big money pulling Chuck Grassley's strings. It is the wealthiest of the wealthy, the one-tenth of 1% who consider an Obama Supreme Court nominee a profound threat to their grip on power. Bribes in the guise of campaign contributions might no longer work if the balance on the Supreme Court shifted.

These powerful oligarchs are the ones who really employ and pay Chuck Grassley. They have told him to do whatever it takes to preserve their power. A conservative Supreme Court has given the billionaires and oligarchs the political and economic power to run the country since Reagan. They don't want to take a chance on losing that power. That's why Chuck Grassley put his refusal to do his job in writing: to reassure the billionaires and the oligarchs that he is following their orders, not ours.

Senator Grassley's written refusal to do his job is more than the usual partisan political games. This time, everything we care about as American citizens hangs in the balance as a 4 - 4 split Supreme Court punts on all the important issues. Things like: Citizens United, government intrusion into our private lives, corporate fraud, unfair tax havens for the super-wealthy, poisons in our environment, police brutality, employer spying, and the Constitution itself. Leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court for over a year means our last line of defense against a Corporate Big Brother government and the billionaire robber barons will be locked in a perpetual 4 - 4 tie.

82 year old Senator Grassley is running for another six year term this year. Do we really want to reelect a career politican who is willing to put our Constitutional freedoms at risk to please his billionaire contributors?



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