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The Dengler Domain: Trucks

March 25, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

I have discussed relevant cars in the past, but cars are small, weak, and too gas efficient. Put them up against any era of truck, and the truck will destroy all of the car's hopes and dream. Trucks are bigger, badder, and more powerful. Driving a truck for most of life, besides my college years, has been beautiful. Throwing anything and everything into the truck bed is always useful. While I have never driven the luxurious, crew cab, and fitted with heavy duty tank armor trucks, these trucks are the backbone of society. That brings me to this conclusion. I want to find a truck from a past era to drive.

This beautiful 1954 Chevrolet 3100 takes me to a bygone era. The truck's slender frame makes it a beautiful cruising vehicle. The truck does not have a bulky frame compared to trucks of different eras. This truck's back wheels are covered by an effortlessly jutting out, beautiful fender. I am always fond of the trucks with eye headlights like this one. It meshes perfectly with the grill as the mouth. While the bed of the truck is not big, its simple frame adds a cute touch. The cab's back window has no movable window seals breaking the beautiful view out of it. This truck has the 1950's smoothness and sleekness.

This 1978 Dodge D100 is a brute. While the Chevrolet 3100 had a smooth, crisp look, this truck protrudes into the landscape. The bulkiness of this vehicle sets it apart from other trucks. This truck is the top of the bell curve for the size of trucks. When this truck was made, this was the biggest any truck ever looked. After this period in time, trucks started to shrink in other ways. The truck could fit in a perfectly shaped box because it was made with perfect right angles. The headlights and grill are unique with them running together making a square front end. This is symbolic of the truck. It is square and nothing special, but it does its job.

Article Photos

1954 Chevrolet 3100

This is the forerunner of every truck, the 1924 Model T. It is beautiful and unique. The tiny front end is nothing compared to today's big boy front ends. The headlights are beautiful looking eyes, unfortunately, no grill is in the perfect place for a mouth. The truck is a baby compared to today's modern trucks, and it has a look of a John Deere Gator or Polaris Ranger. The wheels are tiny compared to the rubber loaded tires of today. While this truck has no horsepower compared to today's trucks, the nostalgic value of this truck is amazing. This was the forefront of all trucks and cars. This makes the Model T one of the best.

All these trucks are amazing. Whether it is the sleekness of the Chevrolet, the squareness of the D100, or the nostalgia value of the Model T, each truck would be fun to have driven in its heyday. Only one truck can remain tops on my list of trucks to drive, and it is not the Dodge. The Model T is my truck of choice. From the tininess to slender wheels, I want to cruise in this truck. It cannot pull the biggest loads or be the fastest on the track, but the Model T was the birth of transportation vehicles.

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