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The Dengler Domain: Horses

April 1, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Trucks, cars, trains, and airplanes; all forms of transportation. They run on the roads, but going off road harms them. They take humans to places faster than humans have gone before. These assembly lined produced vehicles do not make a person feel one with the world. An older form of transportation is one with nature, in fact it is nature. This is the original horsepower, the horse. Let me prove why horses are the best.

A horse is a smart, personality filled animal. No technologically advanced car has a connection to a human being like a horse does to a human. While a car needs to go to the car wash, a horse needs to be fed and properly taken care of. Horses respond better to good owners than a vehicle. The grace of a horse is nothing compared to a vehicle. We did not design horses, but they were meant to carry human beings.

The history of humans and horses goes far back into the past. Most recently during the expansion of the western United States, and horses were the primary transportation. No Western film scene takes place without a good guy chasing and bad guy on a horse. Travelers along the Oregon Trail used horses to take them to find their new homes. Horses also helped with farming, pulling plows and other farm equipment. Throughout history, horses improved the quality of life for humans. When horses were prevalent on the battlefield during wartime, the most important figures of the war fought on top of a horse.

Horses are the fabric of our society. These amazing animals are part of American folk lore. The phrase, "riding off into the sunset," invokes the listener to imagine a human riding off on a horse. Behind the bald eagle, horses should be the nation's animal. While horses serve almost zero purpose in today's modern society, people still choose to have them. Horses have a lot of reputation built up over the years. These beautiful creatures are a major part of the advertising campaign of the highest selling beers, Budweiser. The Clydesdales are synonymous with this lovable drink, and everybody in America loves watching these animals pull the Budweiser wagon.

These three reasons are why horses are the best. Vehicles are nice and flashy, but horses are nature. No man or woman looks cooler than riding a horse off into the distance. These animals add a personal touch to any situation. No need to get stuck in a traffic jam because horses can go off road at any point. Everyone needs to ride a horse because these animals are important part of society. Giddy up.

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