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The Dengler Domain: Reality Shows

April 8, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Reality shows are the worst. From the Bachelor to Survivor to Naked and Afraid, these shows waste a lot of time. While reality shows are not great in most aspects, they are good at providing entertainment. Reality shows are a recent phenomenon in television history, and I would have preferred to live in a time when reality shows were not on 24/7. The closest television show ancestor to reality shows are game shows and variety shows, but these shows are nothing compared to reality shows. Game shows and variety shows do not have contestants dead set on using the show to become famous. If I were a producer and had magical powers, I came up with the perfect reality show. The show would be similar to the reality show, Big Brother, with a twist. The twist is the contestants are historical figures from the United States of America's 20th century.

One contestant would be Henry Ford. Watching the founder of the Ford Motor Company would be an interesting treat. His technical thinking skills would aid him well in the competitions. Mr. Ford could build anything that moves, and he has a beautiful teamwork philosophy. He would be benevolent to fellow housemates because he cares about everyone living a good life. As the father figure of the household, he would be out of touch with the younger lads. He would win the mental challenges, but struggle during the physical ones.

No reality show of American icons can go without Ol' Blue Eyes. Frank Sinatra would be a perfect fit. His personality and charm woos over any housemate. To get what he needs, he has the guts to go behind someone's back. For pete's sake, he had connections to the Mafia. No one wants to mess with a man who has the ability to put out a hit. Frank would be the fun and entertainment of the household. This icon knows how to croon and have a good time. As a member of the Rat Pack, Frank makes a good case for convincing everyone in the house to be his best friend. Despite his smoothness, Frank would not be a favorite to win. Mr. Sinatra would care more about everyone having a good time instead of winning.

Bill Russell would be another great edition to this reality show. His calm demeanor, and what's best for the team attitude would mesh well with other contestants. Leading by example, he would still not be the loud and crazy one. Being cool, calm, and collected is a major benefit for Bill. He could flaunt his eleven championship rings off to everyone in the household. His height creates major problems for sleeping arrangements. Mr. Russell would destroy in any sports related competition. He would be a favorite to win this Big Brother like show by doing the right stuff when no one was looking.

While I could go on and on about what other contestants I would love to see, these guys would be some of the best in the house. This show would be fun to watch these famous figures interact with each other. I am sad it will never happen, but we can all dream. Whenever cloning or holograms become possible, I am moving to Hollywood to pitch this idea to the television executives. Then I will be rolling in the dough to buy my own hovercar. The future is going to be awesome.

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