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The Dengler Domain: Recess

May 13, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Welcome to the first ever two-part continuation article! Last week's article inspired me to carry on my topic of recess. It became apparent everybody, young and old, needs to go out and enjoy recess. It is a wonderful pastime for all. The neglecting by adults needs to end, and adults should look forward to having their own recess. From the jungle gym, to the slides, all the way to the swings, recess needs to be an important factor for everyone.

One reason recess should be a necessity is it exercises the mind. The mind wanders and can focus on others topics during this fun time. In school, recess relieved the mind from math and science class. In the adult world, recess would enable adult minds to escape from their job's daily rigors. The hour lunch is not enough, and a recess should be required at all work places. This would be a time for adults to act like children and just have time. Climbing to the top of the jungle gym may not be ideal, but letting the imagination flow would be great. Maybe not go to the jungle gym and climbing to the top, but at least a time to pretend different things. This method would open the mind up to new thoughts.

The physical exercise recess provides is another great benefit. An adult recess would force adults into getting a good exercise. By strongly insisting active behavior, people could play touch football or other team activities. This would build company morale and camaraderie. Happiness is always obtained after a great exercise, and recess provides this wonderful opportunity. Another great benefit would be watching the intern beat the CEO in a game of basketball.

Playing games is another reason why recess should be mandatory for adults. Inventing new, weird games allows the expanding of thought processes in adults' minds. This creative process would help people in the future. They would benefit at their job because no dendrites would be firing from the innovation of new games. A business grows exponentially when they grow their employees' thinking, and recess can make this happen. Playing red rover or other games also allows people to act without inhibitions. This empowers and provides the opportunity to think creatively and become a better human being.

Exercising the mind, exercising the body, and playing games are great reasons why recess needs to be an important part of the workday. The importance for relaxing from a long, stressful workday would be achieved by a recess. While people prefer people who do not act like a child, the world is a playground. Let's go enjoy it.

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