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The Dengler Domain: Thunderstorms

July 29, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Thunder, lightning, wind, are Mother Nature's way of bringing a thunderstorm upon humans. These storms can be relaxing as these beauties of nature show their ultimate force showing man has not conquered all of nature. The lightning zaps electricity. The wind topples trees and blows down power lines. Thunder is loud and obnoxious. Humans are left to deal with the aftermath.

As much as humans want to hide from this scary weather event. The calmness after a storm is unlike any other weather event. This destruction followed by peace shows the Earth takes any amount of pain, and it will always brighten up. No day in our life is always a thunderstorm, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thunderstorms are Mother Nature's way of providing human's humility. At any point, our lives can be turned upside down by an unpredictable force.

That's why living in the past with no prediction of thunderstorms would be scary. No radar, no maps, no meteorologists would be insanity. The only hunch about a thunderstorm came from the sky turning dark blue. Living on the prairie without the technological advances would be humbling. Everything was at stake when a thunderstorm hit. No one had a clue on the danger of the storm or the amount of rain about to fall.

Living through the thunderstorm was about having faith and hoping the animals, plants, and every human turned out alive. After experiencing this strife, a hardiness was built up. I would not survive not knowing a thunderstorm was about to hit. I love thunderstorms, but I also love knowing when a storm is going to hit and for how long. I also have a roof for shelter when it hails and the thunder cracks. Living without these amenities would be scary.

Living in the olden times without radar or meteorologists would be no fun. The scariness of living through life without knowing when a thunderstorm will hit would be painstakingly hard. I want to believe I would survive, but today's amenities are so precious. It all comes to remind humans nature will always reign supreme. Whether humans are here in 2,000 years remains to be seen but nature will be. Humans may be gone in the blink of a lightning bolt, but nature stays as long as the wind blows.

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