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The Dengler Domain: Evolving Logos

August 19, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

A few months ago, I discussed my favorite past company logos. While I enjoyed finding and writing about many virtues, I found a more exciting exercise. I stumbled across a website called Logopedia. This wonderful website shows every logo a company has used throughout its business life. This caused me to search for three popular companies so I could find out what logo aged the best.

This first McDonald's logo is very simple, but not sleek. It feels bulky and too many words are involved. The old logo is pale into comparison with their current, M, logo. The lonely M shows the great evolution of this hamburger franchise. No longer needed is the full name. Everybody knows McDonald's by their golden arches.

The original Coca-Cola logo is the definition of simplicity with only words and nothing else. This simple black letter font sends a message saying, "I get the job done." The lack of dichotomy between the two logos shows how a company does not need to make drastic logo changes for a successful product. While Coca-Cola is strongly associated with the color, red, the words Coca-Cola stayed for the journey. The circular logo adds pizzazz, but I cannot figure out where polar bears fit into the equation.

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The original Ford logo is similar to the original McDonald's logo. Simply stating, too many parts in the logo. The outside vine coupled with the multiple words clumps up this past logo. I am not a fan of using a lot of words, and luckily, many companies learned from their past mistakes. Ford is no different. Their current logo is very simple with a spice of classiness due to the cursive. This simple and sleek logo is magical and lovely, and nobody should have a problem with it.

If this were a competition, I would have a tough decision. All these logos transformed into beautiful logos, but only one logo had a better transformation. The winner is the McDonald's logo. The lone M is symbolic without using the whole name. The other current logos retain their full name, and this is weak compared to the M. Ronald McDonald would be so proud, and a happy meal is needed for this win. McDonald's knows how to look right.

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