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Letter to the Editor: Kaepernick's Anthem Protest

September 9, 2016
Roger Corbin - Traer, Iowa , Dysart Reporter

Dear Editor,

So, a professional football player will not stand when the National Anthem of this country is played because of his objection to the way he feels some people are treated.

He has a right to voice his objections any time, or any place. That right was sevured for him by many veterans who fought to maintain these rights so he might do so. He does not have a right to disrespect this country, or its emblems or anthems, who many have given their lives to and for. He is picking one lousy way of trying to get a point across.

In my opinion, if he can't respect this country, or its National Anthem, he shouldn't be playing professional football here. Even that wouldn't be here is no one had ever shown respect for this country, or its flag and anthem.

Roger Corbin

Traer, Iowa



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