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The Dengler Domain: Music Battle Royale 8

September 16, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

I guess I have finally gotten to this point, and I cannot hold it in any longer. I need to explain the quadratic formula in an entire column. Get your b2and square root brain ready to go. It is time to be amazed by math. But wait, I hear a noise in the distance. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a brand new Music Battle Royale! This week's matchup is The Archies' Sugar, Sugar going against Wings' Silly Love Songs. I am done with the funny business, and let's get to it!

The first song up is Sugar, Sugar by the Archies. While I meant to pick songs I did not know based on their titles, this method failed me. I remember Sugar, Sugar from my younger years. This song has an amazing beat. If I bounce up and down in a chair while listening to this song, it must have a great beat. This late '60s song possesses simple lyrics with a simple meaning to form a simple love song. The singers' harmonies provide a light, fun, and playful sound. No one is put into a sour mood by this song. An underrated trait of this song and any good song is it does not last more than three minutes. The short and sweetness of this song leaves me wanting more, and I like it this way.

The song is Wings' Silly Love Songs, and it also has a delightful beat. A unique addition to this song is the heavy bass line. This great bass line is greatly missed in today's popular music. Like Sugar, Sugar, I thought based on the title I never heard of this Wings' song, and I was wrong. I have heard Silly Love Songs plenty of times in my life, and Paul McCartney's voice is wonderful. His high pitch voice guides the listener through this enjoyable song. The chorus is a fluffy bed of feathers because I am comforted by every last bit of it. This song feels like the 1970s with its disco and electronic sounding beat. Roller rinks across the nation must have played this song on repeat after it was released. The rhythm flows as smooth as any stream in the Rockies. Silly Love Songs is beautiful, and I feel complete listening to this song. Paul possesses a truly is one of a kind voice, and it makes any song sound better.

This tough matchup turned out to be a disappointment. Wings' Silly Love Songs takes home the Music Battle Royale belt based solely on Sir Paul's beautiful voice. If he would have sung Sugar, Sugar, then it would have taken home the belt. Not much beats Paul McCartney and Sugar, Sugar, is not on the list. This former Beatle takes the cake, and he can enjoy this award with is many other awards in mansion far far away.

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