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The Dengler Domain: Hard Serve or Soft Serve

September 30, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

I love ice cream. I love it so much I wrote an article about it two and half months ago, and I feel the need to write another article about this tasty delight. This wonderful treat soothes my soul any time it touches my mouth. I love all kinds of ice cream, especially; rocky road, rainbow sherbet, and anything with cookie dough. One issue about ice cream crosses my mind every time I eat it. What is better? Hard serve or soft serve ice cream. Today is the day. I will determine it.

The first factor in determining the winner is the melt factor. Obviously, ice cream melts fast. I always end up with a sad face when it ends up as a pool of sugary milk. While I could leave out hard serve and soft serve ice cream on a hot summer day to see which one melts faster, this is unthinkable. It is my own personal rule to not let any ice cream go uneaten. Based on my experiences, soft serve ice cream melts faster than hard serve ice cream. This is no fun for any involved party. A soft serve cone on a hot summer day ruins not only this lovable dessert but one's hand. This melting ice cream causes any hand in its path to become sticky. Hard Serve 1, Soft Serve Melted.

The second factor in determining the greatest ice cream is the texture. While soft serve ice cream turns into a liquid after entering the pie hole, hard serve requires more work. Nothing is more delightful than soft serve ice cream instantly melting and cooling the entire mouth upon entrance. Hard serve ice cream is different. It requires focus on chewing, and this takes away from the overall enjoyment of the ice cream. The pressure to focus and reduction of enjoyment are enough reasons to disqualify hard serve ice cream in this category. Hard Serve 1, Soft Serve 1.

This brings us to the last category, taste, the most crucial of the categories. Bad tasting ice cream ruins anyone's day. When these two types of ice cream are pitted against one another in this category, it is a tough decision. When I think about it, chocolate ice cream is my favorite type of ice cream, and it definitely tastes better as hard serve. When my teeth chomp down on the hard serve chocolate ice cream, I feel the chocolate oozing everywhere in my mouth. It takes more work, but it is well worth it. While soft serve ice cream can have a bland taste, flavor retains better in hard serve ice cream than soft serve. Hard Serve 2, Soft Serve 1.

That's it. I found out the best way to serve ice cream. I'm not saying to only go with hard serve because hard serve or soft serve, this wonderful treat should be eaten by all. Who cares if fall is upon us and winter starts in three short months? Ice cream is a dessert anyone can get behind. Because if I know one thing, ice cream tastes good every day of the year. That's who I am voting for come November.

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