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The Dengler Domain: Musicians, Bands & Fashion

October 7, 2016
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Besides bringing enjoyment to human ears, musicians have long been fashion trendsetters in the world. Whatever the hot new artists wear, their fans want to look the same. Then the fans' friends see their friends' trendy new looks and so on and so forth. The musicians have made their fashion statement. In the present, we can look back to the past, and admire or laugh at these past trends musicians brought upon our society. This is why I want to figure out which of the following three musicians/bands wore it best.

Thank you very much. Everybody remembers the King of Rock and Roll. While his early years consisted of buttoned down outfits, his older age brought out flashier outfits. This look in this photograph is his most memorable look. When I picture Elvis, it is this gold and diamond covered white suit. Sadly, this look is tacky in today's world. If I walked around in this suit today, I would get strange looks. Plus, no one needs a collar going up to the ears.

Guns N' Roses anyone? This '80s rock band defines the stereotypical '80s men's looks with the fluffy and lovable long locks. Not one band member in this picture sports a nice crew cut. They let those locks of love fly! The style of their clothing is unique because they match any type clothing with any other type of clothing. No rhyme or reason is used to go for any type of look. Based on this picture, the '80s had a lot of sun due to four members of the band wearing sunglasses. When it boils down to the basics, the '80s rebelled against everything. This is why their look is blatantly different than the other two trendsetters.

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The Beatles are the definition of cool. Their music was great, and their fashion was even better. While Guns N' Roses' hair overwhelms, the Beatles' long hair flows seamlessly through their fashionable look. Their outfits in this photo would fit in perfectly in today's world. No one would question me if I were to walk around in any of these outfits. Their outfits are sophisticated and casual. They were ahead of their time in music and fashion during their heyday, and this is why they have the best fashion.

There we go. The Beatles knew what the world wanted, and they delivered the goods. Unlike Elvis' white suit or Guns N' Roses' super duper long hair, the Beatles' look holds up better than most musicians/bands. They knew how to trend set in music and fashion. The Beatles to this day keep on giving.

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