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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Kucera

October 14, 2016
Bruce Rhoads - Chelsea, Iowa , Dysart Reporter

Dear Editor,

I am going to vote to re-elect Dennis Kucera for Tama County Sheriff and here are a few reasons why:

-He has made it possible for his Deputies to provide training in Tama County Schools and businesses to better prepare their employees to survive in the event of an active shooter.

-He has made it possible for any Deputies that feel the need, to take guided tours of Tama County Schools so they are better familiarized with layouts of the buildings in case they ever need to clear the same buildings during an incident.

-He is in the process of purchasing bullet proof shields and helmets for his Deputies. These protective devices will be kept in the patrol cars and can quickly deploy during an extreme incident. Dennis wants all tools available to keep his Deputies and also Tama County resident's that they protect safe.

-Dennis recognizes that SWAT teams usually take an hour or more to deploy, and the lesson from Columbine is that many people can die while officers wait for a SWAT team. Even the most basic law enforcement academy student is trained that the first officers arriving at an active shooter event are to go in and engage that suspect. If the suspect is shooting at officers, he is not shooting children. Years ago when Dennis looked at the need for and feasibility of a Tama County SWAT team he recognized they are unaffordable, and not needed when the State and nearby Marshalltown each have one at our disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

-He has made it possible for his Deputies to start a preparation plan in the event of a child abduction in Tama County. This is a plan that Dennis hopes to have in place and then never need to use. He recognizes the problems other rural counties (who were unprepared) have had when child abductions have taken place in their jurisdictions. This plan has been several years in the making, and it keeps the "learning curve" in such a unique and extreme crime to a minimum, and hopefully not at the child's expense. Let's hope this plan gather's dust and is never needed folks, but credit to Sheriff Kucera for being "forward thinking".

-Dennis works hard every day for Tama County. An elected Sheriff does not have to come to work daily, nor do they have to take calls. Dennis takes calls just like his Deputies do, does transports, and all other aspects of the officer's daily routine, on top of his duties as Sheriff. He is truly a "working Sheriff".

-Dennis recognized the potential problems of having a civilian jail administrator and put a certified Officer in that position to oversee jail operations.

-Dennis will not make you promises he cannot keep. He recognizes with every "neat sounding" idea there comes a price tag, Board of Supervisor's approval, and an overall responsibility to the Tama County residents.

-He takes proactive measures to protect and serve the people of Tama County.

-He always tries to do what's best and fair for the people he protects and serves, even when it's difficult or unpopular.

- His door is always open to you as is his mind and heart.

These are just a few reasons I am voting to re-elect Dennis Kucera for Sheriff on November 8th . I would ask you to please consider doing the same so we can keep Sheriff's Kucera's leadership continuing to best serve Tama County.

Bruce Rhoads

Chelsea, Iowa



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