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The Dengler Domain: Wallpaper

February 3, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

The home is the most important part of the American way of life. It signifies our greatest accomplishment by humans settling down and making a living. The nomadic lifestyle of switching through different rentals is gone. Whether it is mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, or sweeping the driveway, home ownership is fun. Homes have also gone through their fair share of trends such as the best way to decorate it. One of the most popular trends from the past is wallpaper. While this trend is long gone, I want to find my favorite wallpaper.

This wallpaper has beauty, and the flowers provide happiness. If this wallpaper were hung in a room, a flower-scented air freshener must be included. This would provide guests the opportunity to see the wallpaper and smell a field of flowers. It would be a nice sensory overload. While the brownish palette is not appeasing, bright color flowers would be too glaring for a wall. Blinding guests or myself would not be a pleasurable experience. The brownish palette is subtle, and no wandering eye will be quickly drawn to it.

This wallpaper will draw any wandering eye. This crossed eyed pattern is powerful. It draws in the observer, and it provides endless possibilities of what is this wallpaper's true meaning. This wallpaper would need to be confined to a non-essential room in the home. If this wallpaper were in the living room, guests would become too infatuated with it for hours on end. The hypnotic tone of this wallpaper could cause any sane person to start believing the circles are spinning inside their yellow confinements. While the first wallpaper is simplistic, this wallpaper has pizzazz.

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This wallpaper is the norm. The vertical stripes and the flowers provide the aesthetic for this well-known wallpaper. While I was not around to see it, I can imagine this wallpaper appearing in many homes over the course of the prime wallpaper years. The color on this wallpaper is not as shocking as the second wallpaper nor as bland as the first wallpaper. This wallpaper does not stick out yet does not shy away from the wandering eye. While the color is not appealing, it does not hurt the eyes. This wallpaper has versatility as it can be placed in any room in a house, and it would not look out of place.

Provide the right room, these three wallpapers would look good. If I were to choose a wallpaper for my home, the first option is my choice. The varying degrees of flowers and the brown palette make it easier to hang up. The subtleness of this wallpaper would help prevent people from wondering why I am hanging wallpaper in the 21st century.

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