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The Dengler Domain: Music Battle Royale #10

February 10, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

It is time to enjoy a nice walk on the beach. The waves hitting the sand creates a calm noise. Nothing beats this moment, but I hear a sound in the distance. This is not a peaceful sound. This sounds means business, and it comes louder and louder. The peaceful waves are no more because it is time for another Music Battle Royale: '50s Edition. In the first corner, it is Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry, and the other corner is Tutti Frutti by Little Richard.

Johnny B. Goode takes off on a rip-roaring start with an amazing electric guitar solo. This fast-paced song makes anyone boogy all night long. If someone has never felt the urge to dance, this song will change their life in an instant. Chuck Berry's guitar playing is impressive. The piano and guitar duet creates a unique part of the song. While Chuck Berry's voice is not spectacular, it at least entertains the curious listener. I do not believe any can sit completely still while listening to Johnny B. Goode. I also love the short length of this song. It leaves me wanting more.

Little Richard's charismatic voice makes Tutti Frutti an enjoyable song. Its beat is similar to Johnny B. Goode. The toe must be tapped while listening to this song. While Chuck Berry's voice was not predominant in Johnny B. Goode, Little Richard's voice is the essence of Tutti Frutti. His voice takes on the role of a guitar in this song. Tutti Frutti feels like a big band song with the various accompanying instruments. A nice trumpet solo exists with a wonderful piano complement. This song is also short. It comes in under 2:30 which provides the same taste of wanting more.

Both these songs are great. Their strong beats make anyone get in the dancing mood. While Little Richard's voice is overwhelming great, Chuck Berry's guitar also fulfills this role. This creates a close call in the Music Battle Royale. While this is completely arbitrary, a talented singer is more impressive than an equally talented guitar player. This is why Tutti Frutti is the better song and earns the Music Battle Royale belt. Little Richard owns this song with his impeccable voice. What's more impressive than Little Richard winning this award? These two music legends are still alive.

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