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The Dengler Domain: Fad or No Fad #3

February 17, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Beep, bop, boop. The super scientific analysis gizmo has awakened. This means it is time for FAD OR NO FAD!

The first item is the slinky. This favorite toy from the 1950s provides endless amounts of entertainment. Set on any number of stairs and the fun begins. Be amazed by a slinky's skill to walk down stairs of all shapes and sizes. Slinkys come in different colors so anyone can find their favorite one. The only issue with this toy is it can only go down stairs at a consistent rate. The mind will not be blown by each step, but this simplistic toy creates too much fun. For this reason, the slinky would be a FAD!

The second issue is the afro. While I have no chance at growing an amazing afro, I can always appreciate a good one. This 1960s-70s trend provided anyone a smooth look, but no one rocked it better than Dr. J. The afro is my favorite historic hairdo. The roundness and its ability to pop out into the world is beautiful. The afro can block people's view at the movie theater, but this does not matter. All afros deserve appreciation. The afro would struggle in competition with today's sleek hairstyle world, but the afro's coolness will never go away. It makes me happy to say an afro would be a FAD!

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The third item are puka shell necklaces. These necklaces were associated with surfers and hippies of the 1970s. Puka shell necklaces symbolize a relaxed, chilled out lifestyle of fun. These necklaces were a different breed compared to gold or silver necklaces. For this reason, a person who worn a puka shell necklace stood out. In today's world, these necklaces are not popular, but they make an occasional appearance in pop culture. Unfortunately, an occasional appearance is not good enough. Puka shell necklaces would be NO FAD!

Bvvvvvvvvvvm. The super scientific analysis gizmo has shut down. If you have any suggestions send them my way, preferably by horseback. Until next time, stay classy everyone.

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