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The Dengler Domain: Thinking

February 24, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

The power of thinking is a beautiful human activity. Escaping reality and dwelling on the meaning of life or what the next meal will be is fun. The power of thought accesses deep parts of the mind. These parts lay in rest during everyday tasks. When the mind thinks freely, it can do anything. Problems are solved! Imaginations know no bound, and fun is created! Thinking has been around since the dawn of man, and the time to think has changed over the years.

One of the best times for me to think is when I am driving. While going from point A to point B, my mind forgets the next task and wanders. In this time, I ponder what I need to improve and evaluate my day. Occasionally, a bad driver can disrupt this thought time. As long as the automobile has existed, this thinking tradition has been a part of life. In horseback times, the time to think must have been at a premium. Riding across the open plains would let any noble rider ponder life's greatest problems.

Another way to think is through writing. While computers are now the main source of writing, it does not access the mind like a pencil and paper. Pencil and paper is less mind intensive so the mind gets straight to thinking. My mind is more creative when I write with a pencil on paper than on a computer. The power of thought with pencil and paper is almighty, but unfortunately for me, the look of my fifth-grade handwriting makes a computer a better choice. I long for the pencil and power. My thoughts endlessly flow, and a new part of my brain feels accessed.

My favorite way to generate thoughts is to shower. This everyday activity allows my mind to run free like the water escaping the shower head. My best ideas come from the shower such as a lemonade pillow. Sleepy and thirsty? Problem solved. The mind opens wide with endless amounts of thoughts from a shower. While showering was not as popular in the past, a bath could do the trick.

All these forms of thinking are great for humans, and sadly, in today's technologically diverse world, thinking is on the back burner. Listening to a podcast on the way to work or playing on a smartphone at the doctor's office are both ways technology eats up valuable thinking time. Human innovation comes from thinking, and we need to free up our minds. We need to let our minds go and wander into the wilderness for a good think. Just watch out for bears.

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