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The Dengler Domain: Eating Lunch

March 3, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Eating lunch is one of my favorite activities. Nothing like a hard-working morning to make the stomach rumble. Whether it is a light or heavy lunch, it does not matter. I enjoy any lunch which fills up my stomach. In school, I ate a lot of lunches, and I want to share my favorite meals.

The first meal I loved was crispito with cheese. I always got two of this delicious delight plus the extra cheese. Add in two more cheese sandwiches, and my body was inhaling cheese. There were other side items besides crispitos and cheese sandwiches, but crispitos, cheese, and cheese sandwiches were the most important part of the lunch. I always felt full after devouring this large allotment of cheese. The crispito added character by having a crunch.

My second meal I loved was chili, a cheese sandwich, and a cinnamon roll. I always doubled up on this meal, too. The chili possessed a great flavor while warming up the body on a cold day. The extra bowl of chili filled me up and held me over for the afternoon classes. Of course, the cheese sandwich makes another appearance. It perfectly complements this delicious meal. Finally, the cinnamon rolls were the greatest creation to appear in the North Tama cafeteria. These rolls, oozing with sugar and served as a delicious pastry, makes my mouth water. While eating two cinnamon rolls gave me a sugar overload, every bite was worth it.

My third lovable meal was the Italian dunker. This cheese bread served with spaghetti sauce was human ingenuity. Spaghetti sauce and cheese bread together? Bam! Meal made, and history made. The Italian dunker was not overwhelming delicious, but it was a delicious lunch. It cured my hunger, yet no one ate this meal outside of the North Tama cafeteria. The Italian dunker was a unique meal which was still a hit with my appetite.

These were my three favorite lunches from my time at North Tama. I am positive I forgot other delicious lunches, and I would love to hear about your favorite high school lunch. You send me your thoughts while I float down Wolf Creek whistling like Steamboat Willie.



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