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The Dengler Domain: Photography

April 14, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Taking photographs is an important part of society. Photographs encapsulate points in time for family and friends. They take a look back what people looked like, the awkward trends in clothing, or the posse who hung out together. Photographs allow an interconnectivity with other people's lives. This varies from the creepy, stone faced mug shots of great, great grandparents or a glimpse into a new friend's past, and how their circumstances in life were different. With the evolution of technology, photography continues to change how we interact with each other.

The introduction of the cell phone blew the definition of photography out of the water. No longer were pictures needed to be developed in a studio. A click of a button, and bam, the picture is saved forever. Early on, the pixelated pictures from the first cell phones made everyone's photo look like a grainy sasquatch. As cell phones turned into smart phones, picture quality improved tenfold. Any run of the mill smart phone will snap a photograph appealing to any consumer. A camera is no longer needed to be wrapped around one's head. When the picture-perfect moment happens, the smart phone is ready.

While in the past, photographs took multiple lights, staging, and an experienced photographer, this need is not as great in today's world. People love to take their own selfies. The simplicity of holding up the phone and taking a picture makes taking a selfie effortless. If more people want in the photograph, buy a selfie stick and problem solved. The selfie stick captures the group in an all-encompassing photograph. Gone are the days asking strangers to help take a picture. While not as professional looking, it gets the job done.

The ultimate photography technology king is Snapchat. This lovely app for smart phones is the perfect selfie maker. In the past, taking and receiving photographs took up a lot of space in the house or on a smart phone's storage. Snapchat eliminates this problem. The photograph only stays for a maximum of ten seconds, and then disappears unless one wants to save it. This app shows how photography has come to be in the 21stcentury. It is about efficiency and how quickly can a photograph travel to friends and family.

While Snapchat is quick and easy, Instagram is another great app. Everyone posts photographs on a timeline, and it is easy to look at what a person is doing in their lives. Most people take time on their Instagram photographs so none of them look like they were shocked a picture was taken. Instagram and these other photograph technological revolutions have amped up the photography model. Picture quality continues to improve, and this will be better for our ancestors to look back and get annoyed with our selfies.



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