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The Dengler Domain: Easter Candy

April 14, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

The time is near, and the time is right. Easter is around the corner so the bunny is hopping in the house. This mythical creature will provide candy to fill the mouth. He will leave it in eggs or in a basket, but it is important to have the right candy. The wrong candy will ruin any Easter morning. Here is the determination of what candy receives approval inside the basket.

Any chocolate candy is a good addition to the Easter basket. Chocolate melts in the mouth, and any consumer feels right by eating chocolate. This sweet delight soothes the soul of any candy eater. It does not matter whether it is an egg or bunny because any chocolate form is delicious. Nothing is better than chomping down on Easter symbols to enjoy the Easter festivities. In addition to chocolate candy's greatness, peanut butter with chocolate provides a great taste. Any Reese's themed Easter candy is a phenomenal addition to the basket.

Fruit flavored candy is another important addition to the Easter basket. As a big fan of Skittles, it is crucial to have fruit flavored candy. In the same vein, Starbursts are a good choice for the Easter basket. These chewable candies melt the mouth after early morning egg hunting. Fruit flavored candy adds a pizzazz chocolate candy cannot provide. This type of candy is practical. It allows one who loves only chocolate to trade with one who only loves fruit flavored candy. Free trade at its finest.

As mentioned before, eggs are important to Easter eats. As long as the eggs are delicious, it makes a great addition to the basket. The chocolate eggs with caramel filling are the best choice. They melt in the mouth with each bite. These eggs provide the Easter theme, and the ultimate flavor, making it the best one-two punch. Eggs are the name of the game on Easter so it is important to give them a chance.

All these different types of candy are great for the basket. Eating the candy as soon as it enters eyesight making the day better. Remember, brush those teeth afterwards. No one wants too many cavities, but whether it is chocolate, fruity, or an egg, all candy needs to be enjoyed. Now go out and find a wonderful Easter basket.

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