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UMS Band members recognized for outstanding achievement

June 2, 2017
Dysart Reporter

Band students are awarded with outstanding achievement points, which are points earned for doing those things that help them improve their musical skills in playing their instruments and their contribution to the growth and success of the whole program. Students earn points for progressing through their lesson book and for earning proficiency on band concert literature, for positive attitude and effort in band rehearsals, for achieving high grades and percentages at the end of each quarter, for performing in concerts and outside of the requirements, for honor band, jazz band, solo contest and taking private lessons with a professional on their chosen instrument, and for coming to band lessons to learn the skills they need to practice on their own. The award is not easy to achieve. This year, the points to achieve the awards were increased by 22% as a request by the students to make achievement more rigorous. It is based more on effort and achieving one's highest potential, than it is on sheer talent. There are three levels students can achieve depending on the number of points they earn - Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The following students received these honors:

6th Grade Bronze Award Winners: Kaitlyn Brustkern, Kilee Dengler, Aubrey Gates, Lance Moore, Erin Sauer, Logan Sharpnack, and Quinn Wandschneider

6th Grade Silver Award Winners: Matt Carlson, Zak Reed, and Caleb Rivera

6th Grade Gold Award Winners: Joseph Bistline, Amy Caughron, Paige Dulin, Tobias Hopkins, Ty Lorenzen, Brady Spence, and Miya Uchiyama-Hansen

7th Grade Bronze Award Winners: Jack Carlson, Gabe Hanson, Michael Niebergall, Danny Petersen, Christian Ryan, Andrew Timmer, Alexa Weber, and Josie Werner

7th Grade Silver Award Winners: Alexis Nosko, Josef Schmitz, and Haylee Sparks

7th Grade Gold Award Winner: Mae Deaton, Elle Hookham, Gabriel Jesse, Cora Klein, Belle Olson, Tristen Prouse, Laura Rempe, and Carlie Spore

8th Grade Bronze Award Winner: Sydney Bucknell, Michael Frisbie, Jacob Hill, Alina Rodriguez, Rylee Sash, and Belle Weber

8th Grade Silver Award Winner: Alex Hall, Alex Johnston, Sterling Mullen, Breanna Weltzin, and Savannah Williams

8th Grade Gold Award Winners: Marcus Albertsen, Emma Deaton, Tyson Fleshner, Grace Johnson, Kylea Neuendorf, Sarah Roberts, and Ella Smith

Three students received the 100 award for passing 100 lesson book songs in one year. The average amount of lesson book songs a band student usually passes in a year is about 40. Those students were Gabriel Jesse, Tristen Prouse, and Kylea Neuendorf.

Jazz band awards were presented to the following students: 7th graders Mae Deaton, Gabe Hanson, Elle Hookham, Cora Klein, Tristen Prouse, Laura Rempe, and Carlie Spore and 8th graders Marcus Albertsen, Emma Deaton, Tyson Fleshner, Michael Frisbie, Alex Hall, Jacob Hill, Alex Johnston, Kylea Neuendorf, Sarah Roberts, Alina Rodriguez, Ella Smith, and Savannah Williams



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