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The Dengler Domain: Weddings

June 23, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

As summer rolls on, churches and parks across the country are used for weddings. This wonderful celebration brings happiness to all these different locations. It is a wonderful ceremony stoked in many years of tradition. For those who attend, it is a satisfying experience. As with everything in the world, weddings have changed throughout history. From the type of popular decorations to the types of wedding dresses, it always is different.

The biggest difference from what weddings used to be compared to what they are now is the cost. While inflation plays a role in the rising costs, a wedding's overall cost is higher than it was in the past. One reason for this is the variety of new additions to the wedding experience. One example is a wedding videographer. They exist in today's world because video has never looked better. Only fifty years ago making a well-produced wedding video would be a Herculean task. Fortunately for couples, this extra amenity and other amenities are not required. Being mindful of cost is always an option.

Another way weddings are different than they used to be is the advent of the internet. Websites like Pinterest go a long way with helping the bride and groom, mostly the bride, think of new ideas for the wedding. Customs from all over the world are shared, and old traditions in different parts of the world become new traditions in other parts of the world.

As Americans, we love our capitalism. The internet provides couples the best part of capitalism. Never has there been a time when couples are provided with a wide variety of options to choose from for photographers, DJs, venues, and many other wedding specialties. Back in the day, it was easier to use familiar and close in proximity photographers and DJs. Now the internet allows the best to be found from far away or close by. Besides the quality to be found via the internet, it allows couples the best opportunity to save cost.

With people marrying at a high age than in the past, this changes the wedding experience. While people still marry at a young age, more couples wait longer to decide if they want to enter into the lifelong commitment. The longer wait for marriage results in couples possibly having more wealth than if they were to marry when they were younger. This makes for a potentially less stressful worrying about the cost of the wedding experience. As most people believe, wisdom comes with age. Allowing older couples to make better decisions on what is best for the wedding.

These are only three ways weddings have changed throughout the year, and there are still many ways wedding have and will continue to change. In reality, it does not matter how much the wedding experience changes. The only important part of the wedding is the lifelong commitment between the couple. The decorations and dresses will change, but the love and happiness will stay. That makes for a great wedding.

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