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The Dengler Domain: Fad or No Fad #6

June 30, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

*Man opens garage door to reveal a mystical sight*

Zippity, zoppity, zoinkity! Bam, bing, bang, boom! The super scientific analysis gizmo is ready to determine FAD OR NO FAD!

The first fad are mood rings. These 1960s rings changed colors based on the person's mood. Shocking. If a someone wore the ring, it is a great way to find out if they like or dislike someone else. Any finger could be the chosen one for the ring. I have no idea which color means what, but no else does either. Using the mood ring is a good strategy. If someone is manager, claim any color means stress and never answer a question again. If someone is a parent, claim any color means stress and never have the kids bother again. If someone is a child, claim any color means stress so this kid can live in the wilderness with their furry friends. For that reason, mood rings are NO FAD!

The second fad are lava lamps. These 1960s lamps were the rage. No one knew what shape the lava would make. It could look like Gandhi or a rock. Lava lamps light up dark rooms providing an eerily glow. This entices people to check out what is happening in the room. Put a lava lamp in every room, and the entire house will have an eerily glow. Lava lamps will never die because they always provide fascinating new appearances. Someone every night experiments with a lava lamp. For that reason, lava lamps are a FAD!

The third fad is "The Twist." This wonderful dance took the nation by storm in the early 1960s. Anyone can get down and boogy to this dance. Move the legs and hips, and the night will never end. The dance came for nightclubs first, then into films, and then everywhere else. While it may have been overkill by the end of the '60s, it never completely disappeared from the dance floor. It is still heard across America at school dances and weddings. "The Twist" is a fun dance and Chubby Checker knew what he was doing. For that reason, "The Twist" is a FAD! Zorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp.

*Man closes garage door*

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