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The Dengler Domain: Pitching Rotation

July 7, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

The sport of the summer is in full swing. Baseball is a wonderful pastime, and nothing is better than going to a ballpark on a warm summer night. While the Cubs have played a mediocre season like the Cardinals, at least the Twins started the year off strong. To start the year strong requires great pitching and hitting. Since filling out an entire baseball team is a long exercise, it is time to hop in the time machine and make my dream starting rotation.

My first pitcher would be no other than Catfish Hunter. While he was never the best pitcher to play in the major leagues, he has the best name. His name also works as an occupation. This great nickname is one of the best in all of sports. Besides his name, Catfish was a phenomenal pitcher. During his fifteen-year career between the Athletics and Yankees organization, Catfish won more the 20 games in five of those seasons. He ranks thirty-eighth overall in baseball history with 42 shutouts.

My second pitcher is the greatest pitcher with two first names, Nolan Ryan. His 5,714 strikeouts make him the king of the category after playing 27 years in the big leagues. An impressive part of this amazing feat is he struck out 200 batters at the ripe, old age of 44. He currently sits at fourteenth on the all-time wins list while, and he started the second most amount of times out of all pitchers.

My third pitcher is Walter Johnson. Throughout his 21-year career, this World War I era pitcher holds the record for the most shutouts with 110. While he played in a different era, it is an impressive achievement considering he pitched at least 45 games in multiple seasons. Walter also ranks twelfth overall in earned run average with 2.17. His dominance led him to amassing the second highest number of wins in MLB history with 417.

A pitching rotation cannot have only the second highest win total pitcher in history. This is why Cy Young, the pitcher with the most wins in the history of baseball, and who the best pitcher award is named after is in this rotation. This 511-win machine pitched 7,356 innings in his 22-year career. He played during the turn of the twentieth century, and his wins above replacement, 168.5, currently sits at second overall. This stat means if a league average player replaced him, those 168.5 wins would be gone.

Rounding out the rotation is the mullet sporting, moustache man, Randy Johnson. This southpaw dominated during his time in the major leagues. He acquired 303 wins while striking out 4,875 batters. This ranks second to only Mr. Ryan. Randy's 10.610 strikeouts per nine innings places him on top of the all-time leaderboard. His best season in this category came in 2001 with 13.410 strikeouts per nine innings. He also killed a bird with one of his hard-thrown pitches.

Hunter, Ryan, Johnson, Young and Johnson, would be a great pitching rotation or a great name for a law firm. No other pitching rotation would compete with this one. If you think you can make a better rotation, shoot me an email at Otherwise, I'm striking everybody out.



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