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The Dengler Domain: Dog Passengers

August 25, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Everyone loves to cruise down the road with their furry friend. Riding with a dog in a car is a wonderful treat. Dogs love sticking their heads out the window while we love driving them. A dog gets to experience the almighty feeling of going farther than it could ever go on its four legs. Humans and dogs love the open road, and this is a list of my favorite pups I want to see riding shotgun.

This is no bear, but a lovable Chow Chow. This dog would be a good partner to ride shotgun. It is impossible to look at this lovable, scrunched up face and not fall in love with its cuteness. While fur hides the face, it would be amazing to see this pup ride along on in the passenger's seat. This fluff ball might float away in the wind, but it would be cute. The ears barely perk up out the fur, but it does not need to hear while riding through traffic.

This Pekingese looks happy chilling on the grass, but its smile would be much large riding in a car. This droopy hair blowing through the wind would be exhilarating for the dog and the owner. After a shower, this dog would dry off in not time while riding shotgun. This dog is small for shotgun, but looking over the dashboard, it would look cute. This dog's scrunched nose does not matter because it will have a good time in the car. Nothing better than feeling good and looking good.

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This behemoth of a dog, the Great Dane, sits like a human in the shotgun seat. The Great Dane's height looms over the dashboard so it sees everything. This dog's large size will not make it comfortable in the front seat. There is no chance a Great Dane will blow away in the wind. It will enjoy putting its head out the window with no worries. This lovable dog is so big if it gets its paws ready, this pup may drive the car. The officer sitting on the corner around the bend will be very confused when this pup cruises on by.

These three dogs would each be great as man's best friends' shotgun buddy. The dogs enjoy the comfort of the sticking its head out the windows while the human enjoys its company. If I had to choose a dog to ride with me, it would be a Chow Chow. I could never say no to this fluff ball. I want to ride with this dog all day long and never let it go from an unending cuddle session. Chow Chow more like Yes Yes.



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