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The Dengler Domain: No Internet

September 22, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

In the past, I wrote about why I enjoy the internet and how life would be tough without it. It is amazing people did not live with this wonderful invention for many years. As I wrote this article, my apartment's internet has been on the fritz. It comes on long enough to build up my hopes, and then the signal drops to squash my hopes like an in his prime Shaquille O'Neal dunk.

This is agonizing pain, and I realize this makes me sound like a gosh darn millennial. Guess what. I am a gosh darn millennial whose life is turned upside down by the lack of internet. It is now apparent how much I used the internet in my life. There is a detachment from the world as I cannot access my online news sources like New York Times, Des Moines Register or Google News.

I also save my files online through various storage websites like Dropbox or Google Drive. With the lack of internet, I cannot work from home and expect the files to upload to the cloud. These uploaded files contain my Clipper articles, but it is hard to write since I cannot jump onto the internet to research a topic or check how to spell a word. For every moment the internet does not work, I feel hopelessness.

I barely watch television, and if I watch television, it is on Netflix. The closest I get to primetime network television is the Bachelor franchise, not for the love part, but the entertainment value. Netflix is impossible to watch with a shoddy internet connection. These streaming service hits a dam every time the signal drops. Watching a show in ten seconds increments is torture. Going outside would be an option to avoid this hassle, but we all like to chill.

Besides video streaming, no internet connection means no audio streaming. No longer can I listen to Hailee Steinfeld because she is my jam. To watch her newest music video, I cannot pull up YouTube. This also means hilarious cat videos are missing from my life. Those cats are always unpredictable and getting into those crazy situations!

Those are my gosh darn millennial complaints about a life of no internet. Have I called and tried to get it fixed? Yes. Will it? No. I will never know what it was like to travel across the open, dangerous prairies as a pioneer, but now I know how it feels to have no internet on the prairie. This internet fiasco could take days, weeks, months, and years to resolve, but until that point, I will learn how to survive in these dark days.

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