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The Dengler Domain: Fall

October 6, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Fall is an interesting time of year. The leaves change colors, the grass turns colors, and the fields change colors. Historically, fall is my least favorite season because winter is coming. One might ask, "Sean, that does not make sense. Your line of thinking would make winter your least favorite season." This is not true. During winter, I know spring is right around the corner.

Fortunately, I have warmed up to the fall season, and it might climb the ladder over winter. One reason for this potential change is fall feels warmer in the past few years than it has ever felt before. This warmer weather puts me in a happier mood. The longer I wear a t-shirt and shorts into the year, the better the year becomes. If fall gets too cold too quickly, I might as well stay inside and drink hot coco and eat chili. While tasty and delicious, this is not the optimal scenario.

Another reason I enjoy the fall season is the attire. It is an underrated part of the year for men and women to wear certain clothes. The fashion gets better every year from the long sleeve t-shirts to the leggings. The best hip new clothing trends of the past few years take place in the fall. Clothing attire is maximized throughout the fall months due to the temperature fluctuating between warm, cool, and cold temps. This makes for a closet to be wide open for a diverse set of choices.

Pumpkin spiced lattes are the name of the game once the season turns for the cooler. While I am no fan of these drinks, endless entertainment is provided by how many people are infatuated by this drink. This is good entertainment because pumpkins never go out of style. I love pumpkin pie and the fall season means pumpkins are ready to be pied. These pies are then ready to meet my mouth. Pie is good, pumpkins are good, and pumpkin pie is the best.

The colors of fall are also very beautiful. With my limited number of years on the blue marble, I have grown to appreciate the beautiful colors of the fall. Driving along roads I see the beauty in the expansive ditches with the variety of flowers and grasses. Mix in the few forest areas in the state of Iowa, and one can truly see the beauty this great state has to offer.

All these reasons make fall a slightly better season than it was to me only a few short years ago. While it is having a resurgence with me, it still needs to fix one thing about it. If it could cut from fall to spring with no winter in between, life would be great. Until then, I be freezing in my skivvies wishing the warm weather to come back to melt all the disgusting snow. Oh well, go enjoy this beautiful fall.

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