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The Dengler Domain: Cars 3

October 27, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Everyone feels the need for speed. People love feeling the wind in their hair whether it be young teenagers or men having a midlife crisis or old ladies putting the pedal to the medal. Driving fast is a fun way to get around and feeling the power of the car gives one an emotional high. Whether on the open road or on the race track, driving fast is good time. This thrill of speed has existed ever since Henry Ford introduced his first Model T. Let's take a look back in the rearview mirror and look back on the older cars which felt the need for speed.

This is a 1954 Fiat Turbina. While this was a concept car, it would be fun to drive. The sides on the backend stick up to help create more speed. This vehicle had the lowest drag coefficient for thirty years so it knew how to glide through the air. This car looks like a racecar, and it would be a lot of fun to get out and test drive. This Turbina was shelved after 1954 due to high fuel usage and problems with overheating. Unfortunately, no one can get their hands on the wheels of this speedy car.

This is a 1959 Lotus Elite, and I love the stripe down the front of the car. It adds character. The front of the car is much longer than the back of the car. This long nose will make it look good in a close finish. The front headlights have a bug eyes look, and it is amazing. These eyes give the car a look of thrill and intrigue. Anyone looking at this car will know they will feel and look wonderful when speeding this car around the bend.

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This is a 1955 Alfa Romeo BAT 9. Like the Fiat, this is a concept car. While it slightly resembles the Batmobile, it has a distinct look. The wings on the back and the wide front end provide character to this interesting car, and it also has a low drag coefficient. One problem with taking the car out for a spin is getting access to it. This is the only car, and it is currently at a museum in California. Good luck driving this vehicle unless your name is the Pink Panther.

If I were to choose one of these cars to drive, it would be the Lotus Elite. The look of the car captures my eyes and makes me want to get behind the wheel. It would be fun to drive, and it was not only a concept car. Thus, performing an illegal task to drive the car is not needed. No one has time for that.

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