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The Dengler Domain: Celebrate Life

November 3, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Life is worth celebrating. We as humans often forget this part of life. Getting caught up in busy work and making it through the work day after day is common human trait. Enjoy every moment and life lived to the fullest should be at the top of everybody's list. Those childhood fantasies are still worth it because those reveal our truest selves. No worry in the world affected us to any degree. Living life was easy.

It is easy to forget how crazy and blessed is a human life. Humans have free will. We can go wherever, whenever as we please. Buy a car or sing a song in the shower, it is what makes a human, a human. The mind flows free with wonderful thoughts, and we need to cherish these opportunities. An open, free mind is the best mind. Celebrate the ability to not over worry in this world. Have a laugh, dance like no one is watching, or stop and smell the flowers. This is how to live.

Slow down and enjoy the small parts of human life. Stop and look at the places along the roadside to admire the pleasant scenery. We focus too much on the need to succeed, but maybe what is the best for us is what we drive past every day. Eye opening experiences await. If not, no worries. The monotony of life was broken, and new parts were discovered.

Go out and do something you never do. Be uncomfortable. This is how we as human beings grow. Every moment is worth it. Being comfortable is easy, but growing is good. We lose our true selves if we stop growing. Be someone, be a person, be a human. Live in the moment and be everything you want to be.

Let go of the worries and embrace the happiness. It is a blessing to be on this big blue marble as most people will never experience this exact moment. We create our own little stories. It is time to make something of each other and to never give up. Celebrate life, celebrate love, and celebrate we as human beings. We all bring paint to the canvas of humanity and add our own mark.

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