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The Dengler Domain: Snow

December 15, 2017
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Winter has arrived. While the snow has not been as plentiful, the cold has made its appearance. Snow is not as fun because of the cold, but whenever the snow arrives, it can be good if one has fun. Children get to build hills to slide down, forts, and lots of snowballs. Adults also need to enjoy the snow. Adults miss out on opportunities with the snow. Here are practical ideas to have fun with it which do not involve shoveling or snow blowing.

The first idea is to use the snow as art. A neighbor might believe a person's three snowmen are snowmen, but they could be abstract art. Their meaning would be about how the world treats the cold soul. When the neighbor gives a confused look, the person replies, "You are no art aficionado like Sir (person inserts their name)." If one does not want to make snowmen into art, there are plenty of more options. Abstract art can be anything such as shovel the snow into a snowflake, throw paint on the snow, make a snow angel within a snow angel. It could be anything because art!

Another idea for the snow is to push all the snow into a massive pile. After the piling, film people scaling the Mt. Everest of snow piles. Plant a flag on top of the pile with the family coat of arms. Planting the flag will build one's self-esteem of conquering a big snow pile. This pile is more impressive than climbing any rock wall. Snow piles are harder to climb but less painful falling off of one. To conquer a snow pile is to conquer a life goal.

The next idea for the snow is to make a mini maze. Unless Mother Nature dumps all she's got on one's property, a snow maze will not be as tall as a corn maze. Making this maze will provide an intellectual experience as one thinks of a way to confuse the participants. Participants could be small creatures. The cold weather would be too much for small animals, but catch a warmer day and release a mouse or guinea pig on the maze. If there is more snow, a cat or small dog would be interested. Most of these animals would plow through the maze wall. It is still worth the try. Another benefit is if a mouse tries to get into one's house, it will give up and go to the neighbors after realizing it was going to enter a maze.

Art, snow piles, and mazes are better ways to use the snow as an adult. Take time to enjoy the snow even though it is cold outside. Snow provides a fun opportunity for new activities. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. Have fun because everyone wants to be a kid again.

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