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The Dengler Domain: Podcasts

January 5, 2018
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

Growing up, I thought listening to talk radio outside of the Bob and Tom Show was not a good idea. Everyone should enjoy singing along to their favorite song on the radio, and talk radio did not compare. Hearing the opinions of the day was something I did not need to hear. I take this all back, sort of. Podcasts entered my life during my college years, and listening to people talk while driving from place to place is great.

If one is unaware of podcasts, podcasts are in simple terms, talk radio. Podcasts are downloaded or streamed via the internet. Far less commercials exist in podcasts. The listener never feels like they listen to more ads than actual content. Podcasts run for a variety of time. Some might be ten minutes while other are two hours. This length depends on the type and content of the podcast.

Unlike talk radio, not every podcast is based on in the news topics. A podcast listener can hop in a time machine and listen to old episodes. This is a good recommendation to find out if one will enjoy the podcast. The variety of podcasts is the best. They range from cooking, improv comedy, crime, to sports. This only a small sample of the many podcast topics. This is the beauty of podcasts. Search for it on the internet, and a likeable podcast will be found.

I have not listened to large breadth of podcasts, but one of the few I listen to is listen to is The Bill Simmons Podcast. As host, this sports, pop culture writer, Bill Simmons, interviews well known people of society like Kevin Durant to Bryan Cranston. How Did This Get Made? is another great podcast about three friends who watch terrible films. These friends show their love for the terrible film while recommending whether the listener should watch it. U Talkin' U2 to Me? is a podcast where the co-hosts are big U2 fans. The episodes consist of them listening to each U2 album and discussing the pros and cons of it. The best part of this podcast is listening two guys share a mutual love for a band and enjoying each other's company.

Hopping on the podcast trend right now is the right move. Podcasts are slowly becoming more mainstream since their introduction in the later part of the first decade of the 21stcentury. Podcasts are starting to feel more corporate, but the wild wild west feel still sneaks out to give the listener a feeling to want more.

The best reason to listen to a podcast is the interview style is very different than the one used on Fallon, Kimmel, or Colbert. The podcast interview style feels unlike the public relation friendly version. The listener feels like a fly on the wall to the people on the podcast as the shoot the you know. Do not feel obligated to pick one podcast and listen to every episode. Dabble in different podcasts to find a good one, and no reason to stress about listening to the most current episode. Podcasts stick around for a while so try a number of older episodes. Get out there and turn those ears on to listen to find a good podcast!

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