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The Dengler Domain: Music Battle Royale 13

February 2, 2018
Sean Dengler - Columnist , Dysart Reporter

The air is still. The weather is nice. January has passed. Only one more month until the air starts to feel warm again. It is wonderful time of year in February. Winter starts to appear in the rearview mirror, but I hear something off in the distance. It is the faintest of sounds. With each second, it gets louder, closer, and faster. This only means one thing, Music Battle Royale! This is a battle between "The Loco-Motion" by Grand Funk Railroad and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" by Elvis Presley.

All aboard for the first song, "The Loco-Motion." The song starts out with barebones singing and clapping, and I love it. The crowd (me) always gets pumped up with a solid rhythm and singing off the bat. The call and response at the beginning provides a different flavor to this song. The driving beat makes me want to get up and boogie all day to this song. The beat is simple, and the lead singer's voice commands the train with "The Loco-Motion." His control of the train leads us on a fun ride. In the middle of the song, a guitar solo is used, and it shreds, shreds, and shreds some more. This song is enjoyable and fun. The lyrics are simple and do not complicate one's mind.

Next up is The King himself, Elvis. "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" is slow and methodical unlike The Loco-Motion. Elvis' voice carries this song, and one can hear him longing for a woman. The tone of his voices leaves me wanting more. I am a man, but Elvis' voice is calling my name. The emotion coming through his voice pushes this song to higher levels. It tugs at one's emotions. The pitch variety his voice goes through is incredible.

The spoken word part of this song gives it a personal feel. No one's voice is like the King's. I was surprised at how long the spoken word part went on for. The length of the spoken word part was not as enjoyable. Besides the guitar, the lack of instruments helps the song succeed. Elvis finishes the song strong with his magnificent voice.

This is a heated contest. The championship belt is up for grabs, and it is a close one. There can only be one winner, and this winner is "The Loco-Motion." This upbeat song spoke to my mood. If I am ever feeling lonesome, I will listen for Elvis. I give props to Elvis, but I love trains and train references. All aboard!



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