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Sanders, Biden, Buttigieg tops for Tama Co. Demos; Trump is the clear choice for Tama Co. Republicans

February 7, 2020
By John Speer - Central Iowa Press ( , Dysart Reporter


Democrats gathered across Tama County Monday night, Feb. 3, as they did the State of Iowa for the nation's first test for the 2020 presidential nomination. A number of the candidates had campaigned or had high profile representatives work to garner support for them among the Tama County Democrats.

"Tama County and all of our precincts were able to have a smooth and successful caucus for all of those who attended," Dave Degner, Tama County Democratic Chair, told The Reporter on Tuesday. "The changes made for this year were effective at simplifying and speeding up the process at the precinct level."

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Delegates were selected to the attend the Tama County Democratic Convention based upon the strength of their candidate's support among those attending the caucus. The convention is se for March 21 at the South Tama elementary School in Tama.

In addition, county Cental Committee members were elected and party platform planks proposed.

However, Degner said he recognized the problems encountered on up the ladder. "Unfortunately, those noteworthy successes at the precinct level were overshadowed by reporting issues that were out of our hands," Degner said. "Of course, if given the choice, we will always take accuracy over expediency. So, those delays in the final results were a difficult, but responsible decision that had to be made so that when all numbers were reported publicly, they were verified and accurate."

He went on to say," Although the attention has been on those reporting delays, the Iowa Democratic Caucus itself proved to be successful, with large numbers of first time caucus goers, and swing voters attending this year. Thanks again to everyone that made that happen and thanks to everyone that came out to participate in our nomination process!"

Results by Precinct/

Candidate Receiving Support

(First number is initial commitment, second number is number of delegates adjusted for those candidates wo qualified)


Tama / Columbia 25 29

Toledo City 13 18

Howard / Toledo 2 0

Clark / Geneseo 10 19

Carlton 13 16

Indian Settlement 1 0

Perry / Buckingham / E. Crystal 19 22

Richland / Salt Creek 0 0

York 1 0


Tama / Columbia 19 26

Toledo City 18 24

Howard / Toledo 10 10

Clark / Geneseo 16 22

Carlton 12 14

Indian Settlement 2 0

Perry / Buckingham / E. Crystal 18 25

Richland / Salt Creek 3 4

York 4 6


Tama / Columbia 2 0

Toledo City 9 0

Howard / Toledo 7 8 Clark / Geneseo 9 0

Carlton 0 0

Indian Settlement 0 0

Perry / Buckingham / E. Crystal 13 14

Richland / Salt Creek 2 0

York 0 0


Tama / Columbia 29 34

Toledo City 13 15

Howard / Toledo 2 0

Clark / Geneseo 23 24

Carlton 8 8

Indian Settlement 38 43

Perry / Buckingham / E. Crystal 14 16

Richland / Salt Creek 4 4

York 3 0


Tama / Columbia 1 0

Toledo City 5 0

Howard / Toledo 4 7

Clark / Geneseo 0 0

Carlton 0 0

Indian Settlement 4 0

Perry / Buckingham / E. Crystal 5 0

Richland / Salt Creek 1 0

York 2 0


Tama / Columbia 9 0

Toledo City 20 22

Howard / Toledo 3 0

Clark / Geneseo 11 13

Carlton 5 0

Indian Settlement 7 12

Perry / Buckingham / E. Crystal 6 0

Richland / Salt Creek 3 4

York 2 0


Tama / Columbia 4 0

Toledo City 0 0

Howard / Toledo 0 0

Clark / Geneseo 0 0

Carlton 0 0

Indian Settlement 10 14

Perry / Buckingham / E. Crystal 1 0

Richland / Salt Creek 1 2

York 0 0

See attached PDF for Tama County Republican results

Tama County Republicans were nearly unanimous in their support for President Trump in the Monday night, Feb. 3, caucuses. In fact, challenger Joe Walsh garnered the support of just three caucus- goers.

President Trump meanwhile, was the choice of a total of 212.

"The GOP caucus Monday night in Tama County went off without a hitch. All precincts reported in before 8 p.m., and the State GOP office reported out totals soon after that," Moe McWhirter, Tama County Republican chair told The Reporter.

"But, the thing that astonished everyone was the huge turnout! They were the largest attendance numbers ever for a GOP caucus that was essentially uncontested and involved an incumbent President. Veteran poll workers expected only half the number that attended, and many of those were new registrants, voting as Republicans for the first time," McWhirter said.

"It was a clear indication that there is a huge untapped potential of voters, GOP and otherwise, that are attracted to the accomplishments of President Trump and the overall Republican agenda: A strong defense, a thundering economy, border security, guarding individual Constitutional rights handed down to us from the Founding Fathers, and a leaner, more efficient government that is moving closer, and listening more closely to, the concerns of grassroots America.

"Promises Made; Promises Kept" is not just a campaign's a fact. Society responds positively to people that can do that, and President Trump is one of those people. Monday night's caucus turnout reflects that. He's doing precisely what I want him to do, and for me, that's exactly what I want in a President," said McWhirter.

Chosen Monday night were county convention delegates and party plans were recommended.

The results for Tama county by precinct and the state results as reported by the Republican Part of Iowa on Monday night are:




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